fredag 13 februari 2009

Captains log # 0001 - Classic Lil' Louis house jam!

Like a good friend of mine always tells his little son; sharing is caring! With that in mind I will on this lil' blog share with ya'll both music and thoughts. For those of you don't already know me...expect the music u didn't know u loved!

So, first off! I've got into house music around 1990 and since then it's still to this day one of the music styles that still delivers that real soulful dance feelin'. That is if u'r not lookin' towards the mainstream shit. One of the big choooones that have been with me since the early days is Lil' Louis classic house jam "Club Lonely". Trust me, it doesn't get much better than this! Oh, btw...if u'r a real house head and know u'r shit u gotta come down to the Raw Fusion club on Feb 28th for Ian Friday (Tea Party, NYC) and April 11th with Timmy Regisford (Shelter, NYC)...u know its gonna be hot!

Lil' Louis - Club Lonely (Guest List Mix 320kb)

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  1. Grymt låtval! Har stora förväntningar på den här bloggen. Keep it up! :)