söndag 22 februari 2009

Captains log # 0007 - Cajmere in da house!

One of the baddest house cuts ever to be put on wax must be Cajmere's jackin' ol'school winner "Dream States" which features the soulful but psychadelic vocals of Derrick Carter. I used to play this like mad at the early Raw Fusion parties around 96-97 where it always set a perfect mood with its deep and raw-edged feel. The vinyl copy is still today a much sought after gem which is not easy to pick up but here's a vinyl rip from my (well played) personal copy. Both vocal and the hot dub included. Jack dat...!

Cajmere ft. Derrick Carter - Dream States, Vocal Mix 320 kb

Cajmere - Dream States, Dub 320 kb

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