måndag 16 februari 2009

Captains log # 0004 - New DJ Mix

Just did a live mix for my man Recloose radio show over in New Zealand that I thought I should share with ya'll. Especially check out the upcoming GAMM joint from Jazzy Jens, the new Recloose remix on Soulparlor and a killer thumpin house remix from Opolopo (btw, he just did sum hot edits on Kraftwerk...search!). You can listen or download the mix right here.

Here is the full tracklist:

1. Mode M - Space Based (Void)
2. Soulparlor - The Outer Rims, Recloose Remix (Raw Fusion test)
3. Stereotyp - Take The Weight (Sonar)
4. Phlash & Friends - Look At What We Have Done (Archive)
5. D'Angelo - Africa, Jazzy Jens Edit (GAMM test)
6. Ashford & Simpson - Bourgié Bourgié, Joe Claussel Mix (Warner Bros)
7. Jackie Beavers - Mr Bumpman, Splice Edit (test)
8. Theo Parrish - Synthetic Flemm (Sound Signature)
9. Dreamer G - - I Got That Feelin' (Madhouse)
10. Freedom - Closer, Klubb Kidz Flava Dub (Power)
11. Rogiérs - Home, Opolopo Mix (test)
12. The Meters - Just Kissed My Baby (Reprise)
13. Dwele - A Few Reasons (Koch)
14. The Natural Four - Try Love Again (Curtom)
15. Busta Rhymes - Light Up A Fire (test)
16. Johnny Osbourne - No Soundlike We, Version (Jammys)
17. Taxi Gang - Computer Mailfunction (?)
18. D'Angelo - Dreaming Eyes Of Mine, J Dilla Mix (test)
19. Lee Field & The Expressions - My World (Truth & Soul)

5 kommentarer:

  1. Haha, man you're fast!

    Thanks for the Jerry Knight - now, there's a tune!


  2. vart hittar jag kraftwerk editsen då? sökte på gogel, men hitta inget...

  3. Du får nog kontakta Mr Opolopo direkt! Han har kommenterat upptill.

  4. Long time no hear,
    Impeccable as always!
    Petri, Peking

  5. Var kan man hitta den där mr bumpman-editen?
    Grym mix!