lördag 14 februari 2009

Captains log # 0003 - Jerry Knight

This Friday I went down to club Devotion, one of the few clubs in Stockholm where u can here deep soulful dance music with emphasis on r&b, boogie and soul (no cheese or autotuned pop r&b in sight). Its run by my good friends Pure P and Will-Rock who both can hold it down better than most of the DJs I hear when travelling abroad. The best thing with Devotion is that they really try to keep it deep and not just throw down the crowd pleasers all the time. Oh, the crowd is real ill as well...mainly dancers...no posers!

One of the tunes that went down best was this slept over feel good boogie tune by Jerry Knight (one half of Ollie & Jerry). This is my kinda shit...enjoy!

Jerry Knight - Nothing Can Hold Us Back 320kb

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