torsdag 30 april 2009

Captains log # 0020 - Hype trax I'm feelin' right now!

Jus' a small taste of the music action I'm feelin' right now...

1. Freddie Cruger ft. Anthony Mills - Serious Drog (promo)
My man Freddie is back...killer latin/soul smoothie with killer vocals & lyrics from US original Anthony Mills. Ohhh...Freddie just did a video on his old classic "Running from love". Check it here...

2. Baker Brothers ft. Vanessa Freeman - Family Tree (Avid Sounds)
Dope cover of Family Tree's classic soul/disco joint that is almost as good. Worked every time I played it...nyyyce!

3. Pure P - NY City, Allstar Mix (GAMM test) brotha Pure P got something big cookin down in his studio. The guy has been locked down in his basement since he got back from NYC and is working on a full album where he pays homage to what we call real NYC hip hop (how much candy rap can one stand??). This cut is just silly and contains a crazy jiggy beat samplin' "The Edge" by David McCallum and uses some of the biggest MC verses from the golden era. This is gonna blow up shit this weekend!

4. Glenn Underground feat. Swaylo - Misty Dreams, GU's CVO Vox (Gotsoul)
Listen up peeps, this is how house music sounds. Soulful and upliftin' productions with a swaaang and vocalists that actually can sing is what built this house. Not sum f****n stiff electro house garbage with pop singers that can't even touch a note! If u want more "house music" go to Traxsource and let u'r credit card go nuts. U know house is still "a spiritual thing"!

5. Soulparlor - The Outer Rims, Recloose Remix (Raw Fusion)
Gotta hype this for one simple reason...its jus' sooo hot! Recloose go back to what he does best, deep electronic Detroit house! The whole EP is mad hot as well with the Soulparlor guys (Frank'n'Frank) touching broken beats, boogie and thumpin sounds on this 4 track EP. Ohh...the guys ripped up the Raw Fusion club last weekend!

6. Stagga - Timewarp Dub (test)
Simply the best dubstep track I heard over the last months. Crazy bassline on this one...make u'r groin go silly!

7. Legovelt - Deedrive JX10 (Delsin)
Serious ol'school inspired deep house cut with a strong jack feel. Makes u wanna go back...waaaay back, back in time! Delsin delivers again!

8. Joe Thomas - Approach (Kedar)
This is actually an old tune but as I just got it the other day and its straight up my street this needs to get recognized! Using the classic "God Made Me Funky" break Joe Thomas gets the ladies all wet with a smoove but swingin' feel good r&b joint. Perfect summer clubbin music!

9. Jazzy Jens - Afrika (GAMM)
Ohhh...luv this! Stockholm DJ and all'round cool profile Jazzy Jens uses the live radio recording of D'Angelo's classic and turns up the tempo into a deep'n'soulful boogie number. I think I played this at every gig since I got it. Should be a GAMM biggie when its out later this summer.

10. Julian Dyne - Layer (test)
One of the best demos I got over the last years. Killer afro inspired soul with a mad hot (!!!) bassline and vocals from Joe Dukie of Fat Freddies Drop and Recloose fame. Nu Zeeland continues to deliver the freshest goods!

Captains log # 0019 - Manhattans 12"

Ok, while we're on the boogie side of Columbia Records I just got a mail from this cat asking about a tune he heard me played in LA last year at the California Soul party (shouts to Jay & Mitch and the Soul Sessions crew). Check out the video clip here!

The track in question was the quite hard to get 12" version of Manhattans "Let Your Love Come Down". Man, this is a solid feel'good boogie banger that always (!) goes down. Trus'me, this will do magic fo' u guys as well!

Manhattans - Let Your Love Come Down, 12" Mix 320 kb

måndag 27 april 2009

Captains log # 0018 - Rare Charles Earland!

I sold this 12" last year and I have to admit that I forgot good it was after I played it this weekend down at the Raw Fusion club (wicked night). Recorded in 1980 it's one of those bad ass jazz-boogie tunes that got that upliftin' feel we all luv...right?

Charles Earland - Coming To You Live 320 kb

torsdag 9 april 2009

Captains log # 0017 - Karizma goes Detroit!

This hot Karizma broken/house/techno/whateva rework on "Strings Of Life" was supposed 2 be out on my Raw Fusion label last year but after alot (!!!) of mess it sadly never made it to plastic. But I thought its betta to spread hot shit like this to ya'll than keepin' it 4 myself...right? Play it LOUD!

Karizma - Stringed To Death 320 kb