onsdag 12 augusti 2009

Captains log # 0028 - Raw Devotion (underground party)

This Saturday (15/2) Raw Fusion and Club Devotion joins forces for a true underground party. Myself and Pure P on the decks, ADL (Blacknuss etc) is on the mic and its all happening at this dope secret location somewhere in boogie down Stockholm. To get info, address and to get access u gotta register at RawDevotion.se

onsdag 17 juni 2009

Captains log # 0026 - new dj mix to download

Mad Mats June 2009 Mix

Just did a new mix on a soulful house tip. But don't miss out on the end as I got sum hot boogie tunes for ya...enjoy!

Track list:

1. Intro
2. Chalk Hill – Nobody Can Do What You Do, Edit (?)
3. Jazzy Jens – Africa (GAMM test)
4. Stevie Wonder – That Girl, Rework (?)
5. Osunlade – Dating Game (Yoruba)
6. Funky People – Journey, Moonwalk 2 (Funky People)
7. Soul Purpose – The Forbidden (Soul Purpose)
8. Glenn Underground – Escuchame’ (Strictly Jaz Unit)
9. Bittersuite – Sorry, Broken Dub (Deep Systems)
10. Lars Behrenroth – The Way You Move (Deeper Shades)
11. Vil-N-X – What Cha Gonna Do (Island Noyse)
12. Charisse Arrington – Down With This, Mind Fluid Dub (MCA)
13. Big Moses – Lashe’s Fantasy (King Street)
14. Simply Soul – Stand Up For The Soul, Dub (Simply Soul)
15. The Layabouts – Give Me Your Trust, Bonus Beats (Papa)
16. Busta Rhymes – Back On My B.S (Motown)
17. Herbert – See You On Monday (!K7)
18. Shazz + St Germain – Muse Q The Music, Remix (F Communication)
19. Peven Everett – Feelin’ Who You Are, Remix (Trippin)
20. Yoshi ft. Marvin Hawkins – Dance Tonight (test)
21. AG Thomas – The 1, 2, Reel Soul Mix (ABB)
22. Lil Louis – Never Ending Song (Lil Louis)
23. Doobie Bros – What A Fool Believes, Mad Mats Rework (GAMM)
24. Stevie Wonder – For Your Love, Rasmus Faber Rework (test)
25. Amerie – One Thing, Deep Mix (test)
26. Loose Ends – Hangin On A String, Frankie Knuckles Club Mix (Ten Records)
27. Pure P – Baby Be Without You (GAMM test)
28. Midnight Star – Curious (Unidsic)
29. Howard Johnson – Keepin’ Love New (A&M)
30. Two Ton’s Of Fun – Just Us (Fantasy)
31. Kirk Franklin – Could’ve Been (Zomba)

lördag 13 juni 2009

Captains log # 0025 - Mr Fingers

Not one of Mr Fingers more known tracks but I'm def playin' this one 2night. Taken from his "Back To Love" album on Blackmarket Int Records I remember this got regular spins when it came out. The album also includes another heavy soul/house cut called "Never Take Your Place". But the rest of the album really sucks though with sum pretty lame lounge/r&b tracks (zzzz...). He should stick to house!

Mr Fingers - Angel Eyes, 320 kb

fredag 12 juni 2009

Captains log # 0024 - Raw Fusion with J-Heart & Hugo Mendez

Tomorrow (Saturday) we got a double line up at Raw Fusion with J-Heart from LA and Hugo Mendez from London. J-Heart have made a name for herself in and around LA spinning 80s boogie, r&b and hip hop. She's tight with peeps like Dam Funk, Soulsession, Frank (J-Dilla) etc. Hugo Mendez on the other hand is one of those hardcore vinyl diggers that goes knockin' doors in Africa or in the Caribbean for those rare world/funk nuggets. He's worked on several comps retro and throw dope parties in the London area. If u'r in Stockholm...don't miss out!

22-02 @ Mosebacke Etablissemnt
100 SEK

Captains log # 0023 - Leon Haywood gem

I was ripping in Leon's classic "I Want' A Do Something Freaky To You" when I skipped through the album and found this monster tune hidden away as the last track. It sounds a bit like The Staple Singers "I'll Take You There" but better. Proper feelgood biz...loveleee!

Leon Haywood "Believe Half Of What You See", 320 kb

onsdag 20 maj 2009

Captains log # 0022 - The best end of the night tune ever??

There's been plenty of hot releases on GAMM since we first began with Red Astaire's classic "Follow Me" back in 2003 (now available online at Juno Download). But one of my personal faves is Beatfanatics rework of Free Life's gospel infected "There's Something Better". Its quite simply one of the best end of the nights tunes ever recorded with a guaranteed feel good factor. I'm serving u both the original and Beatfanatics rework...jus' take u'r pick!

Beatconductor - Sumethin Betta, 320 kb

Free Life - There's Something Better, 320 kb

onsdag 13 maj 2009

Captains log # 0021 - Peven Everett

Now this is what I'm talkin' about, can this cat do anything wrong?? Peven is my man...jus' check the video clip's below...in-fuckin-credible!!! You don't see shit like this no'mo? Especially check the wicked drummer in the first clip...this is what happens when u'r gettin' down with soulful music...inspiring!

Btw, Peven just got a new hot album out...buy it here

tisdag 5 maj 2009

Captains log # 0021 - Massive dubstep cut!

Booooo...this one is bad! Wouldn't say that I'm a hardcore dubstep follower but I'm been into and following the scene since day one and once in a while I even get out of my box and spin in the clubs as well. But this cut is one of the reasons why I'm into these ultra rough basement beats. I can't think of anything more raw and gritty than this cut from Stagga which have been boomin' out my car speakers for the last month or so. Usually its my boy Simbad who hooks me up with all the latest dubstep (just got a bad one by Burial&Fourtet yesterday...nasty) but this one I actually found on my own. Watch u'r bassbins peeps...seriously LARGE wobble madness goin' on here!

Stagga - Timewarp Dub 320 kb

torsdag 30 april 2009

Captains log # 0020 - Hype trax I'm feelin' right now!

Jus' a small taste of the music action I'm feelin' right now...

1. Freddie Cruger ft. Anthony Mills - Serious Drog (promo)
My man Freddie is back...killer latin/soul smoothie with killer vocals & lyrics from US original Anthony Mills. Ohhh...Freddie just did a video on his old classic "Running from love". Check it here...

2. Baker Brothers ft. Vanessa Freeman - Family Tree (Avid Sounds)
Dope cover of Family Tree's classic soul/disco joint that is almost as good. Worked every time I played it...nyyyce!

3. Pure P - NY City, Allstar Mix (GAMM test)
Ouch...my brotha Pure P got something big cookin down in his studio. The guy has been locked down in his basement since he got back from NYC and is working on a full album where he pays homage to what we call real NYC hip hop (how much candy rap can one stand??). This cut is just silly and contains a crazy jiggy beat samplin' "The Edge" by David McCallum and uses some of the biggest MC verses from the golden era. This is gonna blow up shit this weekend!

4. Glenn Underground feat. Swaylo - Misty Dreams, GU's CVO Vox (Gotsoul)
Listen up peeps, this is how house music sounds. Soulful and upliftin' productions with a swaaang and vocalists that actually can sing is what built this house. Not sum f****n stiff electro house garbage with pop singers that can't even touch a note! If u want more "house music" go to Traxsource and let u'r credit card go nuts. U know house is still "a spiritual thing"!

5. Soulparlor - The Outer Rims, Recloose Remix (Raw Fusion)
Gotta hype this for one simple reason...its jus' sooo hot! Recloose go back to what he does best, deep electronic Detroit house! The whole EP is mad hot as well with the Soulparlor guys (Frank'n'Frank) touching broken beats, boogie and thumpin sounds on this 4 track EP. Ohh...the guys ripped up the Raw Fusion club last weekend!

6. Stagga - Timewarp Dub (test)
Simply the best dubstep track I heard over the last months. Crazy bassline on this one...make u'r groin go silly!

7. Legovelt - Deedrive JX10 (Delsin)
Serious ol'school inspired deep house cut with a strong jack feel. Makes u wanna go back...waaaay back, back in time! Delsin delivers again!

8. Joe Thomas - Approach (Kedar)
This is actually an old tune but as I just got it the other day and its straight up my street this needs to get recognized! Using the classic "God Made Me Funky" break Joe Thomas gets the ladies all wet with a smoove but swingin' feel good r&b joint. Perfect summer clubbin music!

9. Jazzy Jens - Afrika (GAMM)
Ohhh...luv this! Stockholm DJ and all'round cool profile Jazzy Jens uses the live radio recording of D'Angelo's classic and turns up the tempo into a deep'n'soulful boogie number. I think I played this at every gig since I got it. Should be a GAMM biggie when its out later this summer.

10. Julian Dyne - Layer (test)
One of the best demos I got over the last years. Killer afro inspired soul with a mad hot (!!!) bassline and vocals from Joe Dukie of Fat Freddies Drop and Recloose fame. Nu Zeeland continues to deliver the freshest goods!

Captains log # 0019 - Manhattans 12"

Ok, while we're on the boogie side of Columbia Records I just got a mail from this cat asking about a tune he heard me played in LA last year at the California Soul party (shouts to Jay & Mitch and the Soul Sessions crew). Check out the video clip here!

The track in question was the quite hard to get 12" version of Manhattans "Let Your Love Come Down". Man, this is a solid feel'good boogie banger that always (!) goes down. Trus'me, this will do magic fo' u guys as well!

Manhattans - Let Your Love Come Down, 12" Mix 320 kb

måndag 27 april 2009

Captains log # 0018 - Rare Charles Earland!

I sold this 12" last year and I have to admit that I forgot good it was after I played it this weekend down at the Raw Fusion club (wicked night). Recorded in 1980 it's one of those bad ass jazz-boogie tunes that got that upliftin' feel we all luv...right?

Charles Earland - Coming To You Live 320 kb

torsdag 9 april 2009

Captains log # 0017 - Karizma goes Detroit!

This hot Karizma broken/house/techno/whateva rework on "Strings Of Life" was supposed 2 be out on my Raw Fusion label last year but after alot (!!!) of mess it sadly never made it to plastic. But I thought its betta to spread hot shit like this to ya'll than keepin' it 4 myself...right? Play it LOUD!

Karizma - Stringed To Death 320 kb

fredag 27 mars 2009

Captains log # 0015 - Timmy Regisford @ Raw Fusion

This gonna be the party of the year...clear u'r calendars on April 11th! Timmy Regisford drops down in Stockholm for an exclusive session at Raw Fusion.

onsdag 18 mars 2009

Captains log # 0014 - Jon Lucien vs Raashan Ahmad

One of my fave rare groove tunes gotta be Jon Lucien's brazil-soul classic "Would You Believe In Me". I used play this track so much back in the 90s I got sick hearing it after a while. But I checked it again a few weeks ago and remembered how I felt the first time I heard it. Still just as hot and still a classic! Furthermore, the other day I found this little hip hop joint from Raashan Ahmad called "If I" which is basically "Would You Believe In Me" but with an MC on top. Love it or hate it...you decide? I think it's kinda fun and a great DJ tool to flip with the original.

Raashan Ahmed - If I 320 kb

Jon Lucien - Would You Believe In Me 320 kb

söndag 15 mars 2009

Captains log # 0013 - Raw Fusion WMC 2009 Party

Yes...its time for another Raw Fusion WMC session! Can't think of anything better than the escapism from cold Europe to the sun in Miami...wohaaaaa! Last years party was one of the best parties in Miami and this year it looks to be even stronger with all our fave DJs coming together once again. If u wanna get a feel for the party, check out this dope video clip here when Ty and Taylor McFerrin went on stage last year....hot hot hot!

tisdag 10 mars 2009

Captains log # 0012 - Mansany

While I'm on a jazzy streak I though I'll drop u this lovelee vocal jazz-afro-fusion-funk number from the totally unknown group Mansany (at least to me). Its recorded on Ebony label from the Ivory Coast. Especially check the warm analogue synths at the very end...jus' love this!

Mansany - Steve 320 kb vinyl rip

Captains log # 0011 - Dollar Brand masterpiece

Sometime I just get so f****ng tired of all the crap music which constantly make its present felt wherever I go. I could go on for weeks how frustrated I am about the current music scene...peeps jus' don't make MUSIC any longer. But in the darkest hours I always feel good going back to the roots with some deep spiritual jazz. Enter Dollar "Abdullah Ibrahim" Brands masterpiece "Kalahari", taken from his supa rare "Underground In Africa" LP. Mr Ibrahim delivers an epic 23 min long afro jazz monster that from beginning to end sets you in a musical trance. If u don't get moved by this shit u got problems son!

Dollar Brand - Kalahari 320 kb vinyl rip

lördag 7 mars 2009

Captains log # 010 - UK Soul special

Since the mid 80s I've always been a huge fan of UK soul and the UK still got the best club scene for soul music in the world. Nothing compares to a night at the Southport Weekender for example. One of my all time soul cuts ever and a massive Raw Fusion club anthem has to be Soul II Soul's "Fairplay". I dunno how many times I killed it with that tune on a night...tune! Oh btw, I just the other day got a massive Bugz In The Attic remix of this track...ouch...its hot...soon out...search!

Soul II Soul - Fairplay 320 kb

Soul II Soul bonus joint...

Soul II Soul - Back To Life, MAW Remix 320 kb vinyl rip

Another one of my favourite UK groups are of course Loose Ends. Band leader Carl McIntosh was a true r&b genius and they put out so many good tunes and one of the few bands to also make it in the states, much thanks to their big hit "Hanging On A String". But my fave cut from Loose Ends must be this one...an absolute killer!

Loose Ends - Don't Worry 320 kb

onsdag 4 mars 2009

Captains log # 0010 - Miguel Atwood-Furguson live

Now this is the REAL SHIT....

Unf***ing real!

söndag 1 mars 2009

Captains log # 0009 - Charlie WIlson

Was down in Hamburg this friday for the Finetunes party and this hot r&b cut from Charlie Wilson of Gap Band fame was the one that did it for me...spot on! Produced by Will.I.Am, co-written by Leroy Burgess and featuring Justin Timberlake u know this is gonna cut it with the females. Try it and u'll see what I mean.

Charlie Wilson - Floatin' 320 kb

torsdag 26 februari 2009

Captains log # 008 - Ian Friday @ Raw Fusion this Sat

For those who don't know we've been dancin' (not posing!) to black dance music at the Raw Fusion club since 1996...this is our 13th season! To start 2009 off with a bang we have teamed up Stockholms premier house club Soulmates and invited Ian Friday direct from NYC. Ian is one of the hottest DJs and producers on the soulful house scene right now and have with his trademark ultra-deep style been bangin' out big tunes. If u wanna know more about Ian you can check out an interview with him here

Where: Raw Fusion Club @ Mosebacke Etablissement (Stockholm)
When: 28 Feb, 22-02
Entrance: 100 SEK
DJs: Ian Driday, Mad Mats, Saint Sebastian, DJ Asparagus, 100 Hundar, Tropical Treats (small room)

Below is a video clip from his session at Djoon in Paris...

söndag 22 februari 2009

Captains log # 0007 - Cajmere in da house!

One of the baddest house cuts ever to be put on wax must be Cajmere's jackin' ol'school winner "Dream States" which features the soulful but psychadelic vocals of Derrick Carter. I used to play this like mad at the early Raw Fusion parties around 96-97 where it always set a perfect mood with its deep and raw-edged feel. The vinyl copy is still today a much sought after gem which is not easy to pick up but here's a vinyl rip from my (well played) personal copy. Both vocal and the hot dub included. Jack dat...!

Cajmere ft. Derrick Carter - Dream States, Vocal Mix 320 kb

Cajmere - Dream States, Dub 320 kb

onsdag 18 februari 2009

Captains log # 0006 - Unreleased Up Hygh joints!

Even though Up Hygh is no longer around and Pure P and
Rick Skizzo aka Funkenteller now make beats on their own there is no doubt that together they delivered sum supa hot shit. Their beats and productions are still to this day the best shit ever to emerge from Sweden (with the exception of Hearin' Aid...props!). They both got new projects that u need to look out for, Pure P with Hygher Baby (album out early March on Raw Fusion) and Funkenteller with Deep Space 69 (out now).

Below are two sought after remixes that never made it out officially but have been in my playlists over the last 2 years. Both mixes kills it...enjoy!

Steve Spacek - Dollar, Up Hygh Rmx 320 kb

Hearin'Aid - Meet My Approval, Up Hygh Rmx 320 kb

tisdag 17 februari 2009

Captains log # 0005 - Alan Hawkshaw nugget!

To me disco can go two ways. Either you got the good shit when its black, soulful and dirty or u got that crappy euro/italo wackness that I just can't stand (who really like that stuff anyway??). But once in a while us Europeans get it right. One good example is a library joint by Alan Hawkshaw that I used to spin back in the day that I recenlty seen alot of cats playlisting again. It probably wasn't meant to be a disco track but its a perfect blend between space disco and jazz funk. Either way its one mutha of a track...enjoy!

Alan Hawkshaw - The Speed Of Sound 320 kb

måndag 16 februari 2009

Captains log # 0004 - New DJ Mix

Just did a live mix for my man Recloose radio show over in New Zealand that I thought I should share with ya'll. Especially check out the upcoming GAMM joint from Jazzy Jens, the new Recloose remix on Soulparlor and a killer thumpin house remix from Opolopo (btw, he just did sum hot edits on Kraftwerk...search!). You can listen or download the mix right here.

Here is the full tracklist:

1. Mode M - Space Based (Void)
2. Soulparlor - The Outer Rims, Recloose Remix (Raw Fusion test)
3. Stereotyp - Take The Weight (Sonar)
4. Phlash & Friends - Look At What We Have Done (Archive)
5. D'Angelo - Africa, Jazzy Jens Edit (GAMM test)
6. Ashford & Simpson - Bourgié Bourgié, Joe Claussel Mix (Warner Bros)
7. Jackie Beavers - Mr Bumpman, Splice Edit (test)
8. Theo Parrish - Synthetic Flemm (Sound Signature)
9. Dreamer G - - I Got That Feelin' (Madhouse)
10. Freedom - Closer, Klubb Kidz Flava Dub (Power)
11. Rogiérs - Home, Opolopo Mix (test)
12. The Meters - Just Kissed My Baby (Reprise)
13. Dwele - A Few Reasons (Koch)
14. The Natural Four - Try Love Again (Curtom)
15. Busta Rhymes - Light Up A Fire (test)
16. Johnny Osbourne - No Soundlike We, Version (Jammys)
17. Taxi Gang - Computer Mailfunction (?)
18. D'Angelo - Dreaming Eyes Of Mine, J Dilla Mix (test)
19. Lee Field & The Expressions - My World (Truth & Soul)

lördag 14 februari 2009

Captains log # 0003 - Jerry Knight

This Friday I went down to club Devotion, one of the few clubs in Stockholm where u can here deep soulful dance music with emphasis on r&b, boogie and soul (no cheese or autotuned pop r&b in sight). Its run by my good friends Pure P and Will-Rock who both can hold it down better than most of the DJs I hear when travelling abroad. The best thing with Devotion is that they really try to keep it deep and not just throw down the crowd pleasers all the time. Oh, the crowd is real ill as well...mainly dancers...no posers!

One of the tunes that went down best was this slept over feel good boogie tune by Jerry Knight (one half of Ollie & Jerry). This is my kinda shit...enjoy!

Jerry Knight - Nothing Can Hold Us Back 320kb

fredag 13 februari 2009

Captains log # 0002 - Hot Biggie tune!

With the movie about Notorious BIG just out in the states and soon out over here in Europe (it sucks though) I thought I'll drop u sum hot new Biggie biz.

Notorious BIG ft Buff 1 - Niggas (Astronote Remix) 320 kb

Captains log # 0001 - Classic Lil' Louis house jam!

Like a good friend of mine always tells his little son; sharing is caring! With that in mind I will on this lil' blog share with ya'll both music and thoughts. For those of you don't already know me...expect the music u didn't know u loved!

So, first off! I've got into house music around 1990 and since then it's still to this day one of the music styles that still delivers that real soulful dance feelin'. That is if u'r not lookin' towards the mainstream shit. One of the big choooones that have been with me since the early days is Lil' Louis classic house jam "Club Lonely". Trust me, it doesn't get much better than this! Oh, btw...if u'r a real house head and know u'r shit u gotta come down to the Raw Fusion club on Feb 28th for Ian Friday (Tea Party, NYC) and April 11th with Timmy Regisford (Shelter, NYC)...u know its gonna be hot!

Lil' Louis - Club Lonely (Guest List Mix 320kb)