lördag 7 mars 2009

Captains log # 010 - UK Soul special

Since the mid 80s I've always been a huge fan of UK soul and the UK still got the best club scene for soul music in the world. Nothing compares to a night at the Southport Weekender for example. One of my all time soul cuts ever and a massive Raw Fusion club anthem has to be Soul II Soul's "Fairplay". I dunno how many times I killed it with that tune on a night...tune! Oh btw, I just the other day got a massive Bugz In The Attic remix of this track...ouch...its hot...soon out...search!

Soul II Soul - Fairplay 320 kb

Soul II Soul bonus joint...

Soul II Soul - Back To Life, MAW Remix 320 kb vinyl rip

Another one of my favourite UK groups are of course Loose Ends. Band leader Carl McIntosh was a true r&b genius and they put out so many good tunes and one of the few bands to also make it in the states, much thanks to their big hit "Hanging On A String". But my fave cut from Loose Ends must be this one...an absolute killer!

Loose Ends - Don't Worry 320 kb

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