onsdag 18 mars 2009

Captains log # 0014 - Jon Lucien vs Raashan Ahmad

One of my fave rare groove tunes gotta be Jon Lucien's brazil-soul classic "Would You Believe In Me". I used play this track so much back in the 90s I got sick hearing it after a while. But I checked it again a few weeks ago and remembered how I felt the first time I heard it. Still just as hot and still a classic! Furthermore, the other day I found this little hip hop joint from Raashan Ahmad called "If I" which is basically "Would You Believe In Me" but with an MC on top. Love it or hate it...you decide? I think it's kinda fun and a great DJ tool to flip with the original.

Raashan Ahmed - If I 320 kb

Jon Lucien - Would You Believe In Me 320 kb

4 kommentarer:

  1. N I C E ! Jag hade missat Raashan Ahmed-versionen... Riktigt nice! Var är den släppt som? Inte som Mission va?
    Fan, vad grym Raashan är och han verkar vara världens ödmjukaste oxå.
    Mission: Home 12" ligger nog på top 5 hiphop 12" efter 2000. Gissar att du var du som fixade den till Andreas Skivor? Hehe...
    / JayStarSeven